It’s February-My Month to Regroup


Sunrise on my walk

An announcement for everyone-IT’S FEBRUARY.  Do you want to know how I know?  I am melting.  The kids are revolting.  Every February.  February seems to be the month that I ask myself-can I send them to school now?  I am not sure what happens in February, but it does-every year.

I even considered stopping the blog this week.  Then I watched Julie Bogart’s periscope talk on the 55 things that she did not do while homeschooling.  If you have some time to listen to it in the background of cooking dinner, I highly recommend it.  Julie writes the curriculum for the Brave Writer program.  She has five children who are grown and attending colleges or working.  The periscope above allowed me to breath and regroup this morning.

I have to remind myself that just because my kids are not doing exactly what I want them to be doing in school does not mean that they are not learning.  In their “spare” time this week, Sims made an amazing bow (which he researched on how to make, researched the types of trees in our backyard to find the correct type of wood, experimented, failed a couple of times, and finally produced and amazing bow that shoots accurately and far-a little farther than I am comfortable with, but that is beside the point); Sawyer made valentines for the neighbors and started learning how to draw trees through a book that she is reading; and Parks followed Sims’ lead and made a bow in addition to several other inventions that he is working on.  In addition to this, they still did their math and our group work, and we read daily.  We are ok.

As far as the blog, the periscope talk reminded me of why I keep up with the blog.  This space is for me to document what the kids are doing.  So I will apologize now, the blog may get boring for a bit.  I may just start writing down facts for a bit.  I think I need to regroup on here and at home.  For now, we have pulled out the art supplies and are going to figure out to make it through February.

6 thoughts on “It’s February-My Month to Regroup

  1. We’ve pulled out our art supplies here, too. It sounds like your kids are doing great! I think every homeschool has times when they go into survival mode. I’ll have to listen to that periscope.


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