A Day in the Life-Wednesday

Hump Day!  This week I am joining Simple Homeschool (Not on their site, just in the spirit of sharing) in sharing our homeschool days!  I like to write out our schedule for the whole week so that I can reflect on our schedule.

After the late night, I totally bailed on walking this morning.  I slept until 7:30!  In fact by the time I woke up, Sims and Parks were already awake and had done their chores.

7:30 Woke up and ate breakfast while I checked email and got caught up on some paperwork.  Logic of English prep work.

8:15 Sawyer woke up and ate breakfast while Parks drew.

9:00 Everyone cleaned up.

9:15-10 Everyone worked on Logic of English Lesson.

10:00 Everyone worked on math.

10:30 Sims and Parks finished up and went to play lego-complete with argument over lego pieces.  Sawyer worked on her paragraph for the week.

11:00 Snack and get ready to leave.

11:30 Parks took his horse back riding lesson while Sawyer and Sims played around the barn.

1:00 Lunch

1:30 Parks attended a Biology class while Sims, Sawyer and I went for a hike.  The biology class was on birds and bird identification.  We investigated the prairie that went through a controlled burn yesterday.  We also found lots of terrific animal prints around a creek.


3:30 We headed home for Sims to change.  I also dropped Sawyer and Parks off at a friend’s house to help with a science project.

Wednesday afternoons are my least favorite!  From this point on, I felt like I was in my car!

4:00 Drove Sims to gym.  Picked up Parks at friend’s house and took him to his art class at 5:00.

5:00-6:00 Sims was at gym.  Sawyer was at a friend’s and Parks was at art class.  I went to the YMCA to fill out some paperwork for a class and went to the market for veggies for dinner.


6:00-6:30 I drove Parks home, picked up Sawyer and headed HOME!  FINALLY!

6:30 I cooked dinner while Sawyer read the rest of her book aloud and we discussed the ending.

7:00 We ate dinner.  Sims and Nick came in and ate with us.

7:30 Parks read a story for his main lesson work while Sims and Sawyer showered.

8:00 Parks showered and we cleaned up dinner dishes.

8:25.  I typed this blog and everyone got ready for bed and played Legos!  Early night tonight! Hopefully.



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