A Day in the Life-Thursday

I am finding our week slightly boring this year!  LOL!  I guess we have finally found a rhythm!  (I wrote this around 2 or 3 when I was catching up on emails.  I think that I spoke too soon.  The afternoon was a bit nuts.)

6:30 I woke and headed to walk with my friend.

8:20 I came home to find the kids doing their chores and school work.  Sawyer did her spelling.  Sims did his math.  They all had eaten breakfast and finished their chores.  While I cooked and ate breakfast, I sat ad listened to them as they played legos.  They have very intricate stories with their lego characters and buildings.


Lego World

9:05  Everyone cleaned up their area.  Today was vacuuming day.

9:25-9:45 Logic of English together

9:45 Sims read aloud while Sawyer and Parks did math.

10:15 Parks decided to cook macaroni and cheese (no idea where this idea came from but suddenly, everyone was hungry).  Sims helped Parks as needed while I jumped in the shower.  Sawyer was still working on math.

11:30 All three kids rode horses today.  It was a good day at the barn.  Parks and “his” horse had a terrific connection.  Sawyer cantered all around with only a kiss, kiss sound which thrilled her (the horse that she rides can be a bit ornery requiring a lot more than a sound to move-let alone, canter).  Sims finally trotted again and ventured into some of the obstacles.  He is starting to get back to his normal self with the horses since his fall.

1:30 We arrived back home, and everyone ate some lunch.

2:00 Everyone had some “quiet” time.  I journaled and went through some emails.  The kids played in their rooms.  Sawyer invented doll furniture with boxes.

By 3:00 everyone was out of their rooms and Parks was doing everything that he could to get some attention (aka-drive everyone around him nuts!).  So we convinced him to go outside.  Sims laid down on the couch (he is fighting a cold).  Sawyer played with her dolls.


4:00 We all sat and counted coins from the coin jar.  Mindless activity.  They were going stir crazy.


5:00 We all sat and watched The Ellen Show-well, sat is far from the truth.  Parks was still crazy hyped up.  He and Sawyer went out and jumped on the trampoline during commercials.  Of course-during the last commercial break, they collided.  Sawyer chipped her teeth and now we have a dentist appointment in the morning.  Yeah!

6:30  Everyone ate dinner.  It was a fend for yourself dinner night due to the drama of the tooth.

I am finishing this post up early.  I am not sure what the night will hold, but I am hoping we can calm Parks down and get him to bed early.  🙂


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