A Day in the Life-Tuesday

I am joining in on the theme at Simple Homeschool this week and writing out our days.  You can view our life on Monday here.

I think today may sound a little redundant. Overall, the day was pretty much the same as yesterday.

6:30 Woke up and walked with my friend.

8:20 I returned home to find EVERYONE awake (whew-hew Sawyer!).  Sims had already completed math and spelling.  Parks and Sawyer were playing legos.  Everyone had already eaten and done their morning chores.  I made my breakfast and listed to Sawyer read aloud while I ate.  Meanwhile, Sims worked on typing and Parks was off doing something.

9:00 Cleaning time for 15 minutes (this plan is working really well!  We started using it in October and no one complains about it.  The time goes by quickly and we are all amazed at how much we can get done in such a short amount of time.)

9:15-9:50 Logic of English- Everyone sat together and worked through the lesson together.  Today, they played a game of Old Maid with the phonograms.

9:50-11:30 I listened to Sims read his Astronomy lesson aloud while Parks and Sawyer cleaned up their stuff from the car.  Sawyer and I worked through multiplication of three digit numbers by two digit numbers (the beginning of this lesson was PAINFUL-for BOTH of us.  Thankfully after three LONG examples, she got it!  Hopefully, the information will carry over tomorrow!)  Next I listened to Parks read aloud while Sawyer worked on Spelling and Sims meandered through the house.

11:30 Lunch

12:00 I finally took a shower while the kids played legos.  The room they were in is located over my bathroom.  They sounded like they were killing each other-not sure how legos gets physical but they told me that all they were doing was playing legos.  ???  No matter what, they were HYPED for the next hour or so while I folded laundry.

1:10 We got in the car and headed to gym.  Sawyer and Parks did gymnastics for an hour and then we headed home.

2:45 We arrived home.  The kids got a snack and I started on dinner.I also had to do some research for a play that Sawyer and I went to tonight.

4:30 Sawyer and I got ready to go out tonight.  Sims went to visit our next door neighbor, and Parks just hung out.

5:00  We ate dinner before Sawyer and I headed into the city to pick up both grandmothers to go see Wicked!

7:00 I assume that Sims went to scouts but I am not positive.  I will check that in the morning.

11:30 Sawyer and  I arrived home.  I am finishing up this post and CRASHING into my bed.  I am not a late nighter any more (not sure that I ever was, but it is even worse now).

Good Night.

7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life-Tuesday

    • Loved Wicked!! Amazing performance. I just received LOE so we are only in week one. There is some minor prep work but nothing that I cannot do in the time that I eat breakfast (I know that I should be focused on eating-I just became aware of my multi-tasking during breakfast). It takes between 10-45 minutes to do with the kids but they can all do it together which I like. We started at the beginning and I was worried that my older two would moan and groan, but they didn’t. In fact, they had fun. Again-week 1. I am sure that I will report on it again when we are more involved in it.


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