Another December Surprise

Remember how I have written about several surprises this December?  Well, we had one more surprise up our sleeves.  A long time ago, Nick told the kids that they could pick a place within reason to visit for their tenth birthday.  Sims chose Puerto Rico for his trip.  Sawyer chose Italy for her trip.  Puerto Rico was easily accomplished.  Italy……well, we dream of Italy.  When we asked Sawyer what part of Italy that she wanted to explore she did not know.  She simply wanted to see the beautiful water at the beach of Italy (Thank you Wade and Genny for showing her the pictures of the coast of Italy.  Hopefully, we will make it there someday!)

So, we improvised.  Sawyer is now eleven.  We decided that we had better get going on this trip before Parks turns ten next year!  On December 14th, we had Sawyer come into the kitchen to read a card that we had for her.  The card informed her that the next morning we were all headed to Miami, Florida for 10 days and to go pack an activity bag-oh, and to let her brothers know.  Sawyer reading

Tuesday morning, we headed to the airport and off to Florida.


We started the trip off with a bang-a night time hike in the Everglades.  (Yes, I did not quite think that one through.  Alligators.  A LOT of ALLIGATORS.  EVERYWHERE!!  This hike was scarier than any haunted house that I have ever been through).


Wednesday morning we went to an alligator farm to learn more about those interesting animals.

Wednesday afternoon we ventured south to Key Largo where we stayed for the next 5 nights.  Here we sailed on a 47 foot catamaran and our  “own for the week” 22 foot Catalina.

Thursday, the kids and I swam with the dolphins at the Dolphin Research Center.

The rest of the trip included The Turtle Rescue Center, Bahia Honda State Park, Key West, kayaking and a ton of exploring the Florida Keys.  It wasn’t Italy, but I hope that it will be a trip that Sawyer will remember!


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