Block Three

Block Three began in November.

Parks moved from shelters into a block on farming.  We used the Brave Writer unit on the book, “Farmer Boy,” by Laura Ingalls Wilder throughout this block to focus on writing.  Farming is by far one of Parks’ favorite topics so this block went beyond just writing.  He spoke with farmers and learned about crops.  He built barns and spoke about farming a lot (and still does).

Sawyer’s third block worked through the Brave Writer unit on the Redwall book, “The Mossflower,” by Jacques.  She loved this book, although it was a difficult one to read.  It took a couple of chapters to get into the wording and all of the names.  She did a lot with dialogue, personification, and memory work during this block.

Sims used the book, “The Alchemist” to bridge the study of the Middle Ages, Chemistry and his third block-Wish, Wonder, Surprise.  The book tied in nicely with all three topics.  At first, Sims was not interested in the book at all, but after the first few chapters his interest peaked.  In addition to  “The Alchemist,” he read “GluisRabe and the 4 Wishes, ” by Bruchac and “The Fisherman and his Wife,” the fairy tale.  As with the other two kiddos, Sims’ third block focused on writing.  He worked on writing an outline, prewriting, rough draft, editing and writing a final draft in his main lesson book.

Everyone worked hard through this block.  It was rigorous.  I know it doesn’t appear this way in the post.  However, each of them wrote paragraphs and papers working through the entire writing process.  They all did an excellent job with their imaginations and their mechanics.


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