Christmas Surprises

I have mentioned in the past about how much I love watching people open gifts on Christmas.  The surprised looks make my day.  Well, this year was like no other.

We left town on December 15th for a ten day trip-a surprise for the kids and another whole post!  In the plan, we would return on Christmas Eve with a little bit of time to decorate for the next day.  Of course as all plans go awry, so did this one.

Our first flight was delayed putting us into Atlanta at 8:00 at night.  The second flight was delayed as well putting us in Charlotte around 1:00 in the morning.  My children were a mess.

How were we going to decorate?

We are not ready for Christmas.

The day is ruined.

The drama and the disappointment along with exhaustion made for a LONG trip home.  In the car home, the driver mentioned to Parks that he hoped that Parks got all that he wished for on his list.  Parks responded with a remark that Christmas wasn’t about gifts but about being with family (a very sweet response, but I knew how sad he was that we had not decorated).

When we entered our home, this is what we saw.

Christmas carols were playing on the radio and our house was BEAUTIFUL!  Magic.  Our friends surprised us beyond belief.  They made an unbelievable Christmas memory for our family!

Christmas 3

I LOVE Christmas surprises!

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