Christmas Surprises

Two years ago, I wrote about my selfish Christmas confession-I love watching my family open gifts.  I love the expressions on everyone’s faces.  For the 2015 Christmas, we decided that there are not a whole lot of items that any of the kids truly need.  However, the kids are all in “new” rooms.  They play musical rooms.  I think they are finally settled, so we decided to give each child a “new”room.

Each room got a coat of fresh paint and some new wall hangings.  I had a blast working for the past two months prepping each room and making each room speak to the child.  The kids knew that I was painting (I couldn’t really hide that part), but they had no idea about the updates.  We sent them to their grandparents’ house last weekend to finish up.

I seriously felt like I was on the home make-over show.  I have no clue how they get through a whole house in one week!  These three rooms were exhausting to complete!  The result was priceless.  They each ran through their rooms and took in every piece!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, I am not sure how exciting Christmas morning will be-we may have to look at the pictures! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Christmas Surprises

  1. THAT was nice. My daughter has been asking to have her room painted for over a year now. The paint is literally chipping (not sure why–if they painted over paper or what???). I don’t have Java Script, so I’ll have to come back later on a different computer. 😦 But I’m only trying to imagine. You sound like such a good mom!!!!


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