Peace, Light, and Love in Fall

Mid November is already here.  Diwali has passed.  Martinmas has passed.  We did not celebrate these two holidays this year.  Although they are two of our favorites, life did not allow it.  However, I could not let November go by without a light ceremony of some sort.

We invited our friends for a fall light ceremony.  We set up a spiral covered with candles.  We set out chairs and hung lights over the porch.  We made chili and prepped for our activity.

As people arrived, the darkness came too-just in time.  The children sat eagerly (ok, some squirmed in their spots and others walked around) as I read the story of The Lantern Prince which I found through The Sparkles Stories.   The story speaks of a prince who is kind and how his kindness was more powerful than any army.  The prince’s kindness saved his country.  While reading the story, the children lit up the spiral one at a time.

To end the evening, everyone went to the porch to fill a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child.  The children gleamed as they filled their boxes.  Hopefully, the children’s excitement and joy will be felt as the boxes are opened in a few weeks.

3 thoughts on “Peace, Light, and Love in Fall

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