Block One Complete!

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We finished our first block last week.  I always look forward to the first block, and up until this year, I usually am ready to pull my hair out!  I actually planned for a good balance of work and “play.”  Over the summer, I made weekly work plans for each child.  Each week each child must complete 4 days of math, 4 days of spelling, copy work, and a main lesson or block.  Sims and Sawyer also have Latin.

The work plans allowed for just enough “school,'” to keep the kids’ minds flowing with new ideas, but it was not overwhelming.  In fact one week, Sims finished a good portion of his work on a Sunday evening because he had a project that he wanted to work on throughout the week.  Sawyer is doing an amazing job with the work plans.  I think that she needs to know exactly what is expected of her each week.  Parks does not worry about the work plan and continues to rely on me to get him through his work.

So what did each child complete?

Parks worked on All About Spelling, Math U See-the first 8 lessons, emotions and using words to express emotions in writing, biology, and Mr.Popper’s Penguins using Brave Writer (which included art projects, copy work, plurals, possessives).

Sawyer worked on Phonetic Zoo, Word Roots, Math U See-first 8 lessons, reading comprehension and writing work using the Brave Writer program for the book Secret of the Andes, and Ancient Incan history.  She also started her environthon class.

Sims worked on Phonetic Zoo, Word Roots, Math U See Pre algebra-first 4 lessons, biography writing using the Brave Writer program for the book A Door in the Wall, and finishing up Medieval Times.  He also started his environthon class.  Sims also learned how to take notes and to reference his work.

Overall, I think the first month went well.  Everyone remains happy and not complaining about school.  I am hoping our next block goes as well as the first.

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