Summer is Over!

I am not even sure where to begin this post.  It feels as if it has been a really long time since I have sat in front of my computer beyond deleting mindless emails.  Our official school year started last week on August 24th.  Together we discussed goals, curriculum, expectations, plans, and life over the next nine months.

The kids jumped right into having a rhythm.  They thrive on it (I need it too but I am much more rebellious—summer come back!!!)  We started by making our front cover for our main lesson books.  As our life tends to find chaos, Wednesday found us rehabing a black racer.  He got trapped in one of those sticky mouse traps (side note: those traps are awful!!!  If you have them, please consider switching them out).  He was severely dehydrated and hungry.  We released him back out on Friday.  Hopefully, he makes a full recovery!  The best part of the first week was definitely our “Back to School” party that we hosted at Latta Plantation.  We had a terrific turn out!  The kids played in the woods.  The parents started making plans for the year.

Stump Cake-Summer is OVER!

Stump Cake-Summer is OVER!

This week, we jumped into our first blocks which included Mr.Popper’s Penguins, Secret of the Andes (Ancient Incas) and The Door in the Wall (Medieval Times).  We are also trying to squeeze in as much time on the lake as we can before it starts.  We had friends to the lake on Monday afternoon and went out with friends on their boat Wednesday afternoon.  The week ended with everyone finishing their work plans without too much moaning and groaning which meant we got to hike today.  Yep, that’s right!  Friday hikes are back!

Today, we adventured off trail down to Gar Creek at Latta Plantation to one of our favorite spots.  Over the course of this blog, you have seen MANY pictures at Gar Creek.  Today the creek looked like a jungle!  The beautiful scenery of greenery surrounded us throughout the woods!

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3 thoughts on “Summer is Over!

  1. Took note of your two history centered books: The Door in the Wall and Secret of the Andes. —Saving a black racer? Ooks! When I was a kid, we’d go to a theme park called King’s Island in Ohio, and they had a ride called “The Racer.” Two coasters side by side, one black and one blue, and they’d start at the same time and “race.” Fun. (It could have been Cedar Point in Ohio. Those two parks run together in my mind.) —Enjoy the outside!

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