Homeschool Mom Burnout

My oldest child inquired yesterday about my blogging or rather, lack there of rather.  I told him that I have hit a wall.  Not just a wall with writing but the homeschooling mommy wall.  We all know it, but we hate to speak of it.  No one wants to write about their woes.  No one wants to complain publicly.  Ok, maybe not everyone feels this way but I do.

The past few months have been rough around here. We do have a pretty good schedule going, and the kids are aware of the schedule.  However, I am melting under the mommy, teacher, psychologist, chauffeur, housekeeper, pet keeper…..roles that I have taken on.

  • I would like my family to pickup after themselves (clothes, projects, food, books) without me nagging.
  • I would like for everyone to treat each other with respect (I have given up on everyone being nice)without me intervening.
  • I would like for my children to understand that they have to do school work without me nagging.
  • I would like for my family to understand that I do not enjoy cooking and cleaning but that I do it anyway.
  • I would like for my family to help me with the cooking and the cleaning without me nagging them.
  • I would like to be able to be a mom who loves her kids without having to think about how I word everything (anxiety runs high in my crew and wording/tone can make or break a day).
  • I would like to be able to go work out and take care of myself without feeling guilty for leaving them or without worrying that one of them is going to injure themselves or a sibling while I am gone (ok-I don’t feel guilty much but I definitely worry about the latter).
  • I would like a meal without  arguing (check out the respect one above).
  • I would love a day without tripping over a dog or a cat or a bird pooping on me.

Can you tell that I am burned out?  We are in need of some major family bonding or counseling or maybe I just need a spring break…alone…on an island…with sun…and beach…and fun…without kids, books, pets, cooking, cleaning or teaching.  Anyone ready to join me?


9 thoughts on “Homeschool Mom Burnout

  1. Hi. April is always the month when our rhythm changes and my boys want to be outside and they are definitely not interested in “school work”. We usually fill this space with gardening and hiking. Since we are now spending more time in out rented apartment it is worse this year. I am looking for something different and exciting to shake us up a bit.

    Ps. My son Graham is in the fencing class with your kids. I thought that they looked familiar from the blog. I’ll introduce myself next week. I have homeschooled primarily using Waldorf over the past 10 years. We now lean towards unschooling right now. I would love to chat. My boys don’t know any other kids here.


  2. I hear ya’! I love, love, love home school, but I get worn out by it sometimes. Tomorrow begins an almost 3-week break for us, and I could not be happier about it. After the break, I know I’ll be ready to go full speed ahead, but, for right now, I want to kick home school in the shins. 😉 I hope you find some peace soon!

    I’m almost certain Grace has also had some classes with your kids (at Latta), but I believe she’s quite a bit older than your oldest…and we moved to Monroe, so we rarely get to Latta anymore. *sigh*


  3. Groan. As far as most kids go, my kids seem to get along pretty well, but they’ve been at it lately. So I told them to stop, blah, blah, blah, and “I’m not sure how I’m going to get you all to stop–but it has to stop…”

    And my oldest said, “You should Google what to do to get us to stop.” So there you go.

    Anyhow–may smile and laughter clouds blow your way. (They blew into our house today when the same daughter asked, “What’s rape?” She was reading an Usborne book on Ancient Rome and Boudicca. So we all blushed and agreed this was awkward conversation. Love homeschooling, eh?) The best to you!


    • Thanks for that laugh! I needed that first thing in the morning. It is funny how after I wrote that post, I felt better. I kinda feel like I can actually delete it now. LOL! Yes, ancient Rome and the Medieval Times are bringing about some very interesting conversations!

      On another note-I would love to hear your thoughts on something-I really want to get off of zyrtec! I am very allergic to my pets and I am starting down the herbal/food path to get off of this medication.


      • Well, of course, any way you can decrease any inflammation in the body overall is good (strictest sense would be something like autoimmune Paleo or Terry Wahls diet). Then of course, probiotics actually may help (we used L. plantarum): Then you can look at things like quercetin (which are rich in onions and berries), beta glucans (which are in brewer’s yeast/mushrooms), omega 3s/fish oil (obviously rich in seafood)…but I’d rather have a baby than a pet… LOL!


      • Yes. I would rather have more babies too but we keep ending up with more animals! We now have way too many but now I am VERY attached to them too. Thank you for the info. I havenot heard of quercetin or beta glucans I have started taking flax seed oil for the omegas. And I was on a probiotic. I need to start that up again (which I knew). Thank you for the ideas! I am just in the beginning of my research!


  4. I can certainly relate – it’s very draining being a 24/7 parent. Sometimes I’d just love to be the irresponsible one, throw my arms up and head for the hills.
    I use Solgar Quercetin and it works for me! I take 2 capsules a day as soon as my throat starts to feel scratchy, then after about 6 weeks drop down to one per day for the rest of the season. I only take Quercetin in my allergy season. I can’t take antihistamines because even the non-drowsy ones knock me out and leave me groggy until lunch time (this gives me about 4-5 hours of normalcy per day before I take the next one, which is hard). I haven’t taken an antihistamine in about 4 years now. Take care, Cathy


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