Week in Review.

I took a short hiatus from blogging as I think that I have writer’s block.  I get that every once in a while.  Unfortunately for you, I still have it!  So I figured that I would just write a week in review.

We are in a good rhythm at this point in the year with most things.  We wake up, eat breakfast, feed the animals, do our chores and then hit the books.  We started our new blocks in March but we are diving into them now.  Parks is starting the Jakata and Anansi tales.  He enjoys the trickster stories but did inform me that he does not like that all of the stories make the boy the “dumb one” and the girl the “smart one.”  I hadn’t noticed this but we came up with a solution; I will change the she to he in some of the stories.  Sawyer started her second man/animal block by learning about wolves.  We also researched the different ways that wolves are viewed in different cultures based on their folk tales.  Sims picked up with the fall of Rome and began learning about the beginning of the Medieval Times.  In addition to the main lessons, the kids also do their math, spelling and grammar daily.

As far as extracurricular activities, we are in full swing.  They all continue with gymnastics and drumming.  This week, the younger two began fencing lessons.  (Our local parks and recreation departments offer some amazing classes for unbeatable prices.)  Parks continues to ride horses and now gets to teach the other two about grooming and saddling the horses since they started riding last week.  I enjoy watching him teach. He rarely has information that the other two don’t already know or have some knowledge of.  Other than classes, the kids are enjoying the warm weather.  They rebuilt Sims’ go kart, built forts, read books, and played with friends.

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