Moving from Handwork into Hand Crafts and Craft Works

One aspect of the Waldorf philosophy that I enjoy fostering is using the hands.  All of my children enjoyed and continue to enjoy finger knitting.  They find it calming.  My daughter learned how to crochet and knit about a year or two ago.  She works at creating new crafts such as pouches, hats, water bottle holders and such.  The boys had no interested in knitting.  Legos were the main way that they connected with their hands.  Obviously, legos are not the ideal Steiner material but for us, they did the job.

Lately, I have observed a change in the work that the children are choosing.  Parks is into whittling and creating with wood and clay.  Sawyer is sewing and designing clothing.  Sims is working on leather, creating with wood and building with raw materials.  Of course, I researched the change that I was observing.  Evidently the kids are following the natural progression, and I didn’t know it.

They are maturing out of handwork and delving into hand crafts and craft works.  Hand crafts involve the entire body and evolve from the outside in (compared to handwork which works from the inside-ie you knit a hat but you must carve a spear).  The kids are learning to give the materials a new shape.  I look forward to watching these new skills grow in each of them!

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4 thoughts on “Moving from Handwork into Hand Crafts and Craft Works

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