2015 Goals

We are three weeks into January and I think I have our goals for 2015.  I am not sure why but I had a tough time deciding on what to focus on for this year.

1. Continue to work on bringing everyone together with cleaning.  Last year, I had grand plans to have everyone helping out.  My plan to have everyone pick a chore each day didn’t even come close to happening.  However, the kids are finally starting to see that helping out a little can go a LONG way.  Right now, each child empties part of the dishwasher, feeds and cares for an animal (Sims-dog, Sawyer–bird, Parks-cats and fish), and does his/her clothes.  We are also focusing on picking up as you work.  Thus, while you are waiting on the water to boil for oatmeal, measure out your oats and then put them away.  It seems so simple, yet it doesn’t happen.  I am hoping that maybe by the end of the year, we will all pick a chore and do it.

2. Build a community.  We do not belong to a co-op or homeschool community.  Our area has a large community of homeschoolers but it is difficult to connect without a co-op.  (We choose not to join a co-op because I enjoy having control over our curriculum and to allow the kids to follow their interests as much as I can.)  I have some AMAZING friends in my life right now (as do the kids), and hopefully, we will continue to find more like-minded people who want to come hang out in the woods with us.

3.  Be mindful of our actions and words.  Many times, we are just going through the motions.  I am noticing this a lot with the kids.  This year, I would like us to slow down and be aware of those around us more, what we are putting into our bodies and how we treat each other.

4.  Continue to get outside.  Hiking weekly and getting outside has been amazing for all of us.  We must keep this up!

OK.  Now our goals are set.  We are responsible for them for the next year!


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