Week in Review

I am shocked that it is already Friday!  Where did the week go and where were we?  I find it funny how some weeks we never leave the house, and others we are rarely home.  This week was one of those rarely home weeks, which was much needed.  The Lake Norman area was cold and rainy this week.  I am not sure that I would have left my cozy bed if I didn’t have too.

The week was filled with fun activities and classes for the kids. We started the week at the Discovery Place in Charlotte to check out their new exhibits and play.  The kids had a blast playing with the cubelets which are tiny cubes that connect together to build a robot using circuits.  Monday, Parks had his Chemistry of Soil class at Latta Plantation, and I got to walk with a fellow mom (I love those days!  I learn so much from my friends!).  Tuesday, Sims and Sawyer had their first day of Wildlife Biology at Latta.  Meanwhile, Parks started his woodworking unit with my dad.  Tuesday afternoon, we all met back at Latta Plantation for Parks’ geocaching class.  He was very excited for this class and did a terrific job explaining geocaching from an 8 year old’s point of view(focused completely on trading objects in the cache) to the new participants.  While Parks was at class, Sims, Sawyer and I went on a nature walk where we looked for seed pods and seeds.

Wednesday we snuggled in for the day and caught up on some work.  Thursday morning we were up again and headed out to Latta for Parks’ “Finding your Way” class.  He learned about trail markings and how to set up signs for others hiking after you.  Of course, the other two kiddos quickly found something to do while Parks was in class!  We went with two of the park instructors to help them set out orienteering markers for a night race this weekend (Sims and Nick are going to try out the race so we will see how it goes-of course, they will not do the same course that we set out).

Today, we awoke to the most amazing sight-blue sky and sunshine!  Gorgeous!  We quickly packed up and headed back out to hike with our friends.  The hike started off with a chill but quickly warmed up!  Again, I got the opportunity to chat with two fellow homeschooling moms and enjoy the beautiful day!  It was a busy week which will be followed by a slow and quiet week.  Keeping the balance keeps the sanity!  Have a fantastic weekend!

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