Reviewing my 2014 Goals

On the last day of 2014, I decided to look at my 2014 goals.  I wrote down my goals in January of this year but I really did not look at them again.  I guess writing them down was enough to get them into my subconscious mind.  Here are my 2014 goals:

1. Bring the family together through cleaning.  Cleaning as a goal?  Yep.  I am not so sure how we did on this goal.  It started off pretty well but right now it is in the pits.  LOL.  The kids help daily with the dishes and the pets which is a big help.  However, I am still doing WAY TOO MUCH!  I may have to keep this one as a goal.  Sims and Sawyer are doing better with keeping their stuff organized and put away for the most part.  Parks is still struggling.  He is a collector and does not like to part with things and he plays with everything that he does have.  We also still need to work on decluttering.  You may see this goal again in 2015 with some minor revisions.

2. Get outside daily and with more activity.  I think I did awesome with this goal.  I am outside daily with a walk, a hike or just reading outside.  Overall, the outdoors are essential to me being a happy person-even if I have to suck it up and head out in the cold. (Oh, and I did use my Mountain Mermaid Journal throughout the year!  I still have to order the one for 2015.  Check it out!)

3. Eat more whole foods.  I did well with this goal as well.  The down side of this goal meant a whole lot more cooking!   The kids are doing awesome with eating more fruits and nuts for snacks.  I am learning more about using more in season veggies and cooking methods.  My sister-in-law gave me a cook book called “Clean Food.”  It is an amazing book filled with good recipes and information.  I cook out of it at least once a week-most likely more.  If eating healthier is a goal for you in 2015, I cannot recommend this book enough!

So out with the old and in with the new.  I am now working on my goals for 2015.  How did you do with your 2014 goals?

3 thoughts on “Reviewing my 2014 Goals

  1. On cleaning and togetherness, I tell the kids they are boomerangs. We go around the house together to each room. When something is out of place, I dictate who has to do what to get it clean. They run it back where it goes, and then must come back to me. If we’re doing laundry, they have to stand there and shuttle it where it goes AND come back. Everybody has to be by me as we go around the house, picking it up/cleaning, until it meets my specifications. It truly is “together.” They HATED this at first. Now, I think they secretly like it. HA!—loved the book recommendation! I checked it out! Thanks!—– And I was doing good on “outside” till it took a turn for temperatures with a high of 7 and a low of like -20 or something ridiculous. Happy New Year! Terri


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