“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

An oldie but a goodie. I have spoken to many people about this idea that kids need to learn to sit. I don’t agree. Yes on occasion they need to sit but not for 6-8 hours a day

Simple Days Make for an Exciting Adventure

“Do you like to homeschool?” asked the gentleman at the Y to my son.
“Yes, I do. I do not want to sit at a desk all day long like they have to do at school. My brother and sister went to school and I think that is what they did all day,” reports my youngest to the man.
“Well, someday you will need to learn how to sit at a desk-that is what the world calls work.”

At this comment, I stopped walking down the hallway with the man and took a deep breath. What I really wanted to say was, “What the h… are you talking about? Don’t tell my kids that they have to learn how to sit and that they will have to sit for the rest of their lives. Don’t crush their dreams of being a fire fighter or a doctor or a dolphin trainer!…

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