Our Homeschool Day- Friday

Today’s post is short and sweet.  Fridays are slow and relaxing.

715 Awoke, ate breakfast and showered.

800 The rest of the crew awoke around 8 and ate.

840 We headed out to Latta Plantation (yep, again.  did I mention we go there ALOT?) for our Friday morning hike.

9-1130 We hiked/moseyed a couple of miles through the woods.  We saw an osprey nest.  The kids turned a leafy hill into a natural slide.  They looked for geocaches.  They fought and argued over who found which stick.  Then, the kids would run after each other and be best buds.

1130-1215 The kids played soccer and Frisbee in the front of the nature center.  We headed home for the afternoon.

130 The kids stayed home while I went to get my hair cut.  I am not sure what all they did other than play legos, knit, and watch lego movies on the computer.

330 Sims and I headed out for gymnastics.  While we were driving down the road, we heard a tiny little “mew.”  We had a stow away.  Our kitten must have jumped in the car with us.

545 Nick, Sawyer, Parks and I headed out to run a couple of errands before picking up Sims.

700 Picked up Sims and headed to dinner.

815 Home.  Sims got ready to go skiing tomorrow with Nick.  We had a long discussion about over consuming candy.  Evidently, my detoxing of sugar isn’t working.  I bought hershey kisses to make peanut butter cookies for Christmas but when I checked tonight, the WHOLE bag was gone, along with 30 individual apple sauce containers, a bag of boy scout popcorn, and some reese’s cups.  OMG people!  That is ALOT of candy/sugar.  After our discussion, we decided that we seriously need a detox.  January 2015 may be a tough month.  I would avoid us!  🙂

Wow!  What a week!  I am glad that it is Friday.  We have one more day of school before the holiday break (Monday).  I went through my blog and realized that I haven’t updated it lately with our third and fourth blocks.  Hopefully, I will get to that soon.  I hope everyone has a terrific weekend!  If you decide to journal on your week, let me know.  I would love to see how others manage their time.

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