Our Homeschool Day-Thursday

I love the comments I am getting from my friends about these posts.  They are cracking me up.  We do a lot in a day, but please notice that you do not see any pictures of the laundry piled up, the mess on my counter, and the boxes piled up on the dining room table.  Today has been nice and relaxing.  I have hope that Friday will be too.

530- Awoke and headed to workout.

715 Home.  Sims was already out walking the dog. Over the next 45 minutes, I showered, ate and fixed yesterday’s blog (thank you to my hubby noticing my spelling errors.  Darn spell check doesn’t get all of them.) while Sims ate breakfast and did his spelling.

8-830 Parks and Sawyer awoke, ate breakfast and did chores.

830-915 Read aloud together on glaciers to finish up our block on geology (at least the reading part).  We also listened to a couple of Ted Talks.

915-11 Sims worked on his flag for Boy Scouts and finished up his business math.  Sawyer worked on her Owl unit study, grammar, and read.  Parks worked a flag, Life of Fred, Grammar, copy work, and read aloud.

11-1 The kids played legos, supposedly worked on cleaning their rooms (one was done, I can’t say much about the other one), and ate lunch.  I researched Italy and decided that I may just runaway and stay there (Genny and Wade, I may become your personal tutor for your kids.  I am sure you need one.)

130 I headed out to Target and to a doctor’s appointment.  As I was leaving the doctor’s office, I received a lovely call asking if the kids were available.  I was close to their house, so I went by and picked up my kiddos’ friend for a nice surprise.

330 I got home and picked up and made muffins for the kids for snack while they played outside.

415 I changed out the pictures on the bulletin board.  Then I started on this blog while I had some down time.

500 I prepped dinner while the kids played outside.  I ate a small snack and cleaned up the kitchen.

550 I headed out to the Ada Jenkins Center in Davidson, NC to volunteer at the Free Clinic of Our Town (the free medical clinic in our area).

6-830 I volunteered at the clinic (well, sort of.  I volunteered for about an hour and I caught up with some folks the other part of the time.  The volunteers, staff and patients are an amazing community that I feel honored to be a part of.)  The kids ate dinner, I assume and I am not sure what else went on.

830 Home.  I thought the kids were in bed but as I sat at the table to eat dinner, Sawyer and Parks both came in to chat for a few minutes.  Sims was up chatting with Nick.  I ate my dinner and am headed to bed (It is about 915 now).

I hope everyone has a good night!  I will chat with you tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Our Homeschool Day-Thursday

    • LOL! Never feel bad. I wasn’t doing all this stuff when I had a newborn. Italy looks amazing. I am hoping we can pull it off. And no, my hubby doesn’t proof read. I signed him up to subscribe to my blog so it pops up in his email. He read it and noticed the errors, but I am glad that he takes the time to read through it. 🙂 He’s a keeper.


      • Yes! A keeper! Mine too. I put a link to my blog on his phone. But he can’t spell worth a darn–late reader who missed phonics! Lol but serious! Luckily everything he does is dictated!

        Maybe we will get back to all that stuff you mentioned when the baby is like–5! Or maybe we can retire to Italy, although we love Spain!


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