Our Homeschool Day-Wednesday

Wow!  I am amazed at how much reflection one can get by documenting daily activities.  Yesterday, I began to wonder if we are doing too much.  Well, yes in my mind we are.  However, my kids are thriving with this schedule.  They are happy.  They are interacting with their friends, and they have time to play independently at home.  Yesterday, when I felt crazy-the kids were fine.   They didn’t feel rushed or shorted of any time.  Ok-enough rambling.  Let’s get onto Wednesday!

530 Awoke and headed to workout

715 Home and Sims was up but he was not up for a walk this morning.

800 Parks and Sawyer awoke.

815-840 kids ate breakfast while I read from our geology book about water circulation and wind.

840 Chores and prep for the afternoon.  I made some phone calls and got a couple of things done that I needed to get done.  Kids worked in their room on various projects.  Although, Sims was outside tweaking the holiday lights.

1000-1040 Sawyer and Parks worked on grammar with my assistance as needed.  Sims did spelling.  Sawyer practiced violin and Parks listened to a chapter in his Puppy Place book as he asked not to read aloud today.

1045 In the car for the afternoon activities.

1100 Parks went to counseling while Sims and Sawyer worked in the waiting room (Sims worked on Business Math and Sawyer finished her math review of 2s, 4s, 5s, and 10s multiplication tables and she read.)

1200 Jason’s deli to pick up lunch and drive to Latta Plantation for Adventure Journaling Class for Sims and Sawyer.

1245 Picnic lunch and pick up football game.

1ish-3 Sims and Sawyer had class while Parks and I went on an adventure to the ravines and the stables with a friend and his mom (It is nice to have some fellow homeschooling moms to chat with!  Adult time!  Cherish it! Smile)

3-345 The kids came back and started playing football again.  The day was beautiful so I let them play, which of course meant that we would be late for gym (but how often do you get 65 degree and sunny in December?)

345-5 Drive home so Sims can change and immediately head out to gym.  Sawyer and Parks stayed home and played.  I got to chat with Sims, watch him for a few minutes in the gym and chat with a mom before driving home by myself in the car!  My music!  I actually saw a rainbow on my way home.  Yes, it was that peaceful!

5-615 Cook dinner while Sawyer and Parks play outside. (first with the trebuchet, then howling, now dancing with the music blaring-maybe not the best plan)

615 Dinner for Sawyer, Parks and I (I tried to cook brussell sprouts for the first time. Did not work.  I had them at Thanksgiving.  Our guest brought them.  I have to get her recipe as hers were MUCH better,)

700 Fold laundry.  Kids back outside for a few minutes before showers.

715 Showers. I researched carpets online (we are in desperate need of new carpet. Just found out that stainmaster has a pet brand and so does Mohawk.  Maybe a possibility.)

800 Sawyer and Parks to bed.

825 Sims and Nick home from gym (they ate out due to bad traffic).  Sawyer is out of bed.  She pulled out one of her teeth.  Really?  LOL!  I guess the night just got a little more exciting.

900 (I am writing this at 825 and I am figuring that I will do this at 9) Headed to bed to watch Modern Family.

See you tomorrow!

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