Taking a Break

We are finally getting to relax a little after a fun-filled November.  The party started right away for us on November 1st when we celebrated Parks’ eighth birthday with his friends and family.  From there, we have barely had time to get in the school work (just kidding-we finished up our blocks and are ready to jump into December).  The first week of the month, Sawyer finished up her Catawba Studies class at Latta Plantation, and we all visited the tiger rescue in our area called Tigerworld.

The second week of November started with a boy scout camping weekend for Sims and Nick where Sims got to show Nick some of the neat outdoor skills that he has learned over the past few years (Thank you Latta Plantation Staff!).  Nick was impressed with what he saw.  Monday, we celebrated Parks’ real birthday with Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  Yep, he had wheat for the first time in four years.  He asked if he could pick one thing with wheat for his birthday and Krispy Kreme won.  (I totally would have picked pizza, but it wasn’t my call.)  We completed the week by having an outdoor work day and a hike on Friday.

The third week of November started with a trip to the USS Yorktown in Charleston, SC and Fort Sumter for Parks and Nick.   Then my dad came to save the day (or the semester) by working with Sims on his Physics program (I don’t think we scared him too bad since he has returned and agreed to come on Tuesdays to help out-yes, we are spoiled).  The kids also wrapped up the season of Muddy Boots (their hiking club) by heading to Morrow Mountain State Park for one final hike together until the spring.  The week ended in Raleigh for Sims’ first gymnastics meet.

So now we get to relax right? Not a chance,  Tomorrow we will celebrate Sawyer’s birthday as she turns 10!!  Parks, Sawyer, Sims and I have been cooking all day in preparation for her birthday and Thanksgiving.  We will take the rest of this month to be with family and friends and to enjoy all of the things that we have to be grateful for.  We wish all of those in the US a very Happy Thanksgiving!  See you in December.

(I am out of space on my blog for pictures until I do an upgrade so for now they will be on my facebook page)

3 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. Ah. The USS Yorktown. I’ve spent hours on that boat. How did the donuts go? Any ill effects? Hopefully not! Donuts, pizza, and chocolate chip cookies…tough call. You’re lucky to have a physics teacher! My MIL is here and teaching my oldest keyboarding. That’s nice! Happy Thanksgiving!


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