First Month Down!

Four weeks down!  Wow!  We are well into our geography block right now.  I say block, but I had a revelation this month.  Although we have been fairly Waldorf-like/Montessori-like in our learning in the past, we are now fairly traditional.  The kids are doing well with their daily work which includes spelling, grammar, math and reading.

Last week, Sims and Sawyer began working on their final project for this block.  By the end of the month, they will each have a paper map and a topographical map of their area, a short paper describing the geography of their area and hopefully, a short presentation.  Parks is participating in many of the activities but we are working on some geography related books as well.

Sawyer is working on the geography of NC.  This week she attended a class which will continue through the semester that focuses on the Catawba Indians and how they lived with the land.  Sims is working on the geography of England (his choice of places in Europe).  Sims’ choice works well with my plan for the rest of the year which focuses on the Romans and the Medieval Times.

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