Hold On or Put Your Hands in the Air!

Wow!  What a rollercoaster ride of a week!  Monday was Labor Day so we celebrated the day.  Unfortunately, not together as a family but we all had a blast doing our individual activities.  Tuesday we headed to Latta Plantation for an Orienteering class for Parks and some map work for Sims and Sawyer.  We are still in our geography block so I thought these fit in well.  No one was really into the activities and revolted like rebels!Exhaustion had set in!

Wednesday and Thursday were our typical days filled with typical work.  We never found our groove and we all struggled.  The work got completed but it was done begrudgingly.  I guess the idea that summer is over is starting to sink in.  All of the kids around are in school and you can feel the stillness from 8-4 around the neighborhood.  We are also starting to get the looks-you know the ones that say, “why aren’t you in school” every time we leave the house.

TGIF!  We headed out this morning for Latta Plantation Nature Center one more time this week.  Sims and Sawyer went on a hike while Parks and I went exploring a little closer to the nature center.  When the kids returned from their hike, they were excited and refreshed.  We sat a munched on our picnic lunch as we compared notes.  We were all amazed by the many diverse spiders’ webs in the woods.  The webs stood out today because of a light rain we just had.  We also all found some goodies on our journeys.  Parks and I found some delicious muscadine grapes.  Sims and Sawyer found passion fruit.  The day ended with Sims continuing at Latta with Adventure Journaling while Sawyer got her cast removed!

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Thank goodness for weekends and the magic of the woods!

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