10 Things a Parent to a Child with Dyslexia Wishes You Understood

Since discovering that my children have dyslexia, I have been absorbing all of the information about dyslexia that I can possibly find. In the process, I’ve learned so much. Without further ado, here are the top 10 things a parent to a child with dyslexia wishes you understood:

via 10 Things a Parent to a Child with Dyslexia Wishes You Understood.

9 thoughts on “10 Things a Parent to a Child with Dyslexia Wishes You Understood

  1. I have two children with dyslexia, you probably read my posts on it. School is a real struggle as it is geared around reading and writing. My eldest son is now at college and life is so much easier,with reading software, a Dictaphone and someone who writes up the lecture notes for him.
    He is getting all A1. Nothing wrong with his intelligence, there never was, but as a twelve year old he failed everything! He had to learn how to learn, his way. At about fifteen he had mastered how best to do that and managed to do really well in school. He’s looking for a career in accounting, even though he cannot do simple calculations.
    Sometimes people used to say, ‘oh he’s probably going to be great at art, or science, music or working with his hands’. Well no he wasn’t, he was actually very intelligent and wanted a career in business. Dyslexics aren’t all extra skilled.
    I hope you get the help your children need, and the accommodations they deserve.
    My biggest piece of advice I’d offer you is to drum into them that they are as clever as everyone else, probably more so. In time they can be whatever they want to be. It’s up to them.


    • Thank you! So far my son knows he has a tough time reading, spelling and writing but since we homeschool, he is shielded from the feeling of failure. We are so very lucky to have so many resources now! I am not a huge technology fan but I have to admit that technology is amazing for people with dyslexia! I love hearing stories similar to your son’s!


    • Glad you shared it! I thought it was a terrific article. I am with you. I have dyslexia too and I had a tough time in school but I can read. Now, I have to admit that I NEVER read a book until college (that is very embarrassing to admit, but it is true. I made As using CLiff’s Notes all though high school). LIke your husband, I was able to go on in school and get my Doctorate. My son want to be an ER doc as of right now and I think that he definitely could be if he still wants too in the future. And with all of the technology now, he will actually be able “read” all of the material and books along the way! LOL.


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