Breaking into the New School Year

One week down…how many more to go?

During the first week of school, we mainly worked on the getting into the routine of doing daily work.  Daily, each child has to complete math, spelling, grammar, reading and three days worth of science.  Everyone jumped right in.  We started on Monday outside on the porch.  We lasted 10 minutes before it started to rain.  We tried to get outside.  🙂  The rest of the week went well as far as school goes.

Wednesday we headed to the mountains to check out Linville Caverns and Linville Falls.  I will post on that a little more later.  Thursday morning, we awoke to a kiddo with a swollen ankle.  He hurt it last Friday, went to Urgent Care, and received a -“You should feel better in a couple of days.”  After seeing it on Thursday morning (after hiking miles on Wednesday and climbing on rocks-oh, yes, I am sure that I am up for the “mom of the year award” after this one), I decided to take him back in for an x-ray.  Yep, broken fibula in the growth plate.  If you noticed in the first picture, Sawyer has a broken arm ( which she got last week at gymnastics) and now Parks has a broken ankle.  As one of my friends told me-it may be too dangerous for our kids to homeschool.  Let’s hope the rest of the year goes a little smoother!

I hope everyone has a wonderful first week!


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