2014-2015! Let Us Begin!

Two more days.  Can summer really be coming to an end?  Not really, but the kiddos will get to work starting on Monday.  If you remember from my year-end post, I plan to get outside more this year.  In our first year of homeschooling, we went places and did work on a rock, on a beach, on a kayak…  The trend to do work outside of the home slowly diminished.  If we went hiking, I just left the work at home that day and we skipped it.  Unfortunately, that turned me off of getting outside-because, well, they still had work to do.

I have reworked our schedules to allow for a bit more time exploring (yep, all those posts on planning are no longer the plan-LOL).  I also moved everyone’s daily work from a magazine holder to a bag.  Hopefully, this will make it easier to just pick up and go (even if it means just going outside to the porch).

Are we ready to start?  I can say, “YES,” for all of us.  As the curriculum came in, the kids started working on it.  Parks has already completed the first 4 weeks of his science program and the older two started the first week.  As much as they will deny that they want to start, I can completely tell that they are ready to start into all of the mystery that I have been reading this summer.

Parks working on his science

Parks working on his science

5 thoughts on “2014-2015! Let Us Begin!

  1. It sounds like you’re ready to go! Getting outside – and away from our suburban neighborhood – was a big priority as I planned our year, too. I am really looking forward to having an outside morning once a week. Best wishes for the year!


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