6th Grade Plans

grade 6

Sixth grade is new to our family this year.  We are jumping into the unknown world of middle school.  We are all excited about this year.  I is filled with some fun blocks and activities.

Sims’ first block will be the same as the other two but he will finish up with Europe.  Thus, we will be using David Sobel’s Mapmaking for children book as the guide.  He will begin with the other two kiddos looking at our house and neighborhood/community.  I am thinking about having him map out one of his favorite hiking or mountain biking trails.  He will also complete a small country project.  He will be studying Europe as a whole but he will pick one country to look at the geographical features and how they relate to the people in the area.

I am very excited about his second block which will be business math.  We will look through some information on bartering and the three types of money.  However, a large portion of this block will be going through the book Your Business Math.  Your Business Math is a Charlotte Mason based math program in which the children manage a “store.”  Sims will manage a pet store while learning vocabulary and business math skills. I am still looking into books for this block.  I am looking at Striker Jones: Elementary Economics for Elementary Detectives and The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible

The third block of sixth grade will be Rome starting with the fall of Greece.  I plan to use Charles Kovac’s book on Rome throughout this block.  Hopefully, Rome will be a fun block filled with some terrific hands on projects.  He will have one big project during this eight week period in which he will have to pick an engineering invention or architectural feature of the Ancient Roman times and recreate it in some way.  As far as reading, I am looking at the Bronze Bow and the Aenid.

Block four will be done as a group looking at geology.  We will explore trees, mountains, granite, limestone, coal, the water cycle, wind, and glaciers.  I am still working through this block so I will post more on it as we do it.

Block five is the next big block for sixth grade is the study of Medieval Times.  Sims already loves reading about this time period and know a good bit of info on it.  I would like to look at the information on how to become a knight.  During this block, he will look at Christianity and Islam, the Vikings, The Norman Conquest, Medieval Society and Castles.  There are a ton of good books around this era so we will have to narrow it down.  Right now, I am looking at The Dancing Bear, The Lost Years of Merlin, and the Castle Diary.

The last block of the year will be on physics.  Sims will work along with the others doing projects on earth, wind, fire and air.  In addition to this, he will also work through the Life of Fred Physics book.  I am fairly certain that we will have to work through the book together, but I think it has some terrific real life scenarios along with the math behind physics.

As far as daily activities, Sims will use Teaching Textbooks for math, Latin Word Roots for Latin, Apples and Pears for Spelling and Growing with Grammar for weekly grammar practice.

Now that all three grades are planned for the year, I plan to take a break from blogging for a bit!  I hope you all have a terrific summer holiday!

3 thoughts on “6th Grade Plans

    • So far we like Growing with Grammar. It has a quick lesson and then a few exercises to apply the lesson. We do a true grammar practice every other year. Two years ago we did daily grams which my kiddos were not fans of. Thank you for stopping by! Have a terrific summer too!


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