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Have you noticed that everyone is planning for next year?  Well, they are not alone.  I am working away on next year.  I will be teaching second, fourth and sixth grades.  Thus far, I have my goals for each child (they will write their own goals during the first week of school) and my blocks scheduled out.  I am also in the process of finding resources for each block.


Parks (second grade): 1) Read instructions independently 2)Reciprocity in discussions (he likes to take over the discussions) 3) journal 4)begin reading silently 5)work independently for 30 minutes 6)increase his independence with communicating his emotions and needs

Sawyer (fourth grade): 1) Independent with writing a well-thought out and planned paragraph 2) increase in critical thinking  3) increase awareness of cause and effect 4) time management skills 5)Begin vocabulary 6) Learn organization skills essential to learning

Sims (sixth grade): 1) Begin note taking with research 2)increase independence with reading and activities 3)time management skills 4)Vocabulary 5)Independent with writing a well planned 5 paragraph paper 6) Journaling


3 weeks-form drawing and geography (Sims-Europe, Sawyer- North Carolina, Parks-World)  Everyone will do this block together; however, they will each focus on a different area.

6 weeks- Sims will do business math.  Sawyer will do her first man/animal block and Parks will do heroes and saints.

8 weeks- Sims will work on Rome.  Sawyer will work on the Norse myths and fractions.  Parks will work on folk tales and time.

6 weeks- group block on geology and biomes.

6 weeks- Sims will work on Medieval Times.  Sawyer will complete her second man/animal block and Parks will work on animal legends.

5 weeks-group block on physics.

In addition to the blocks, each child has daily work.  They will all be using Teaching Textbooks for math, growing with grammar for language skills, and  apples and pears for spelling.  In addition to this, they will read and journal daily.

Once I get more specifics on each block, I will get them posted.  How are your plans going for next year?  If you have any ideas on the above blocks or grade levels, I would love to hear them!

9 thoughts on “Get Out the Planner

  1. Love it! The pic and your plans. 😀 I’m pretty much done – I plan in the spring. I’ll have everything completely ready in the last two weeks before Aug.


  2. Our plans for next year are complete and all our curriculum is ready to go. For now, we are simply enjoying our summer and doing a little, fun learning along the way.

    As for ‘block’s… hmmm… We are going to be doing nine weeks on and then taking a week off; with four sets of this to complete the year. We do RRR as separate subjects, followed by history and science together. This year we are focusing on Matter & Motion for science and American History. I tend to focus on the oldest child’s needs and then ‘water it down’ for the littler kids. Most of these subjects tend to repeat themselves continually, so we find this method tends to work best for our family. Should any specific area of history or science not get covered for the younger kiddos, we cover them during the summer time. (Although, this rarely occurs.)

    I like having next year all planned out before summer. This helps me to better enjoy the downtime, knowing I don’t have a huge responsibility waiting for me at the end. I know, if I had to, I could start tomorrow and be just fine. For now though, we are just enjoying the warm weather.

    Great post!


    • Thank you! I am amazed that you get it done that early. There are several of you amazing mamas! I am not that organized yet I guess. I love that you are able to make it work so that you are not doing multiple lessons. I tried that and it didn’t work with my kiddos, but I wish it did. Life would be a bit easier.
      We are loving the warm weather as well! I love the summer.


  3. This looks terrific! I enjoy reading your goals for each child. I do that, too. I like how you have several combined blocks. My goal for the upcoming year was to make a combined block for May, but it didn’t happen. I may reconsider… Best, Rachel


    • Yes. We found that we were burned out after Christmas and at the end of the year. Geology and biomes will allow us to do some field trips and gradually get back into school after the holiday. Then the physics program we will use will get us outside which should be good for the spring.
      Thank you for stopping by.


  4. Loved the “cartoon.” On the funny note following the theme of the cartoon, let me say, y’all are WAY too organized! ( 🙂 ) On a serious note, we don’t do blocks. Wonder if we’d like them. Requires more planning on my part. Yuck. We just keep rolling along with what we are working in: The Story of the World, Saxon, IEW, Easy Grammar, Orton-Gillingham, Spanish, yada, yada, yada.


    • The scary part is that I was major OCD/type A prior to homeschooling. I have actually relaxed ALOT! 🙂 I know-I have problems. We do all the same stuff it seems. I just put them into blocks. The kids seem to like it, which is why I keep it going.


      • Homeschooling–God’s way of wearing us down! Right?! We do use a lot of the same stuff. I have been throwing around “blocks” but have gotten comfortable then pregnancy then a baby. So we’ll see what next year holds! Have a great week!


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