March Madness-Homeschool Style

I posted earlier in the month how I planned for the February blahs and how we made it through.  Evidently, I did not plan well for the madness of March.  In my mind, March is the beginning of spring and new beginnings.  However, nature has a different plan.  NC had snow, ice, rain and just plain cold weather.  For those of you in the northern part of US, you expect the cold to stick around.  Those of us in the southern US states await the warm breezes and the signs of spring-not the cold furry of winter.

We begrudgingly made it through our work this month.  Sims, 5th grade, worked on an Ancient Greece block which included reading the Greek myths, Mary Pope Osborne’s version of The Odyssey, and the study of several Greek philosophers.  Sawyer, 3rd grade, explored the US government including laws, the US Constitution and various aspects of the US government. Parks and I are doing some inner work which will continue into April.  He is working on ways to be a good citizen, the importance of being responsible and trustworthy, and finding his strengths.

So where is the madness?  The madness is within me.  I am a person who needs sun and warmth.  I enjoy doing our work outside at the park or in our backyard.  Hiking, playing at the White Water Center and exploring the outdoors are some of my favorite parts about homeschooling.  Unfortunately, I did not put my big girl panties on and trudge out in the wet, cold weather.  I am paying for it now.  I noticed myself getting frustrated very quickly and having little patience.  Luckily, my kids are amazing at reading me and they began to step in to help.

Even more wonderful than the kids helping out is the wonderful surprise that my hubby gave me.  We planned a trip to Lake Lure to go hiking and enjoy the wonders of spring in the NC mountains.  We should be there now.  Looking ahead at the weather channel, I noticed that the weather forecast was cool with possible rain throughout the week.  I couldn’t do it-not when the Charlotte forecast is sunny and 65 degrees.  I have never stated that I was not going to join a family vacation before, but this time I did.  I know-awful right?

I hit the wall-not of homeschooling but of rainy, cool weather.  Well, Wednesday I received a beautiful email from my hubby that asked me if I would like to scrap Lake Lure and head south to Florida.  YES! YES! YES!  So we are here in sunny Florida.  We are soaking up some much needed vitamin D, catching lizards, and enjoying the beautiful landscape of Florida!  I almost cannot believe that we are here.  Enjoy the rest of your March-I will send sunny thoughts to you all in hopes that they will bring warmth to where ever you are!


4 thoughts on “March Madness-Homeschool Style

  1. I enjoyed the post and seeing what your kids are learning! I very much understand about the weather and homeschooling. SD is super cold. Blizzard predicted. The house starts to seem like it’s folding in on me! Homeschooling is fine, but I get a little edgy due to the weather. Just want sun and warmth! ENJOY your trip!


    • Thank you! I feel silly complaining about the weather when I know that NC weather is not nearly as cold as it is out west and up north, but I do still get the blahs with the weather. I wish I could bottle this sun and warmth up and send it to you! It was just what I needed.


  2. March madness is right! The never ending winter this year around was quite a drag. As a FTM, I found it doubly annoying because of not being able up go anywhere as such for fear of the baby catching cold! I’m glad you guys managed to escape to sunny Florida though 😊 Enjoy!


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