Hiking Sticks- Montessori Lessons

We are finally getting outdoors again!  OK, so we were outdoors before this too, but now it is sunny and warm!!  The kids are busy coming up with ideas for the spring and summer (and fall).  One of their main projects of late entails making hiking sticks.

Sims took a class at Latta Plantation last spring on making hiking sticks.  Since then, he has taught Sawyer an Parks how to pick the right stick, whittle it down, sand it and add the necessary amenities.  Last week, Latta had another class on hiking sticks.  Sawyer and Sims attended the class.  They then came home and gave Parks another lesson.

When I envisioned homeschooling three years ago, I thought Sims and Sawyer would work with Parks on reading, spelling and math.  So far, that has not happened.  However, they are awesome about completing the Montessori cycle with outdoor activities.  They get a lesson.  They practice on their own, and finally, they teach someone else.  This was definitely the case with the hiking sticks.  I truly enjoyed watching the kids work together on this project.

Of course, the best part was putting the hiking sticks to use this weekend on our hike.  We headed to Elk Knob State Park in Boone.  The weather was beautiful.  However, the ground was covered in SNOW!!  Parks and I were not prepared for the snow so we relied on the hiking sticks for some added traction.


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