Weather Tree

The weather here in NC has been interesting to say the least.  It rained a lot during the spring, summer and fall.  Now, it rains on warmer days (meaning, no snow).  And the rest of the days are just plain COLD (at least for NC).  Typically, NC has pretty moderate temperatures throughout the year.  Occasionally, we will get snow that falls just long enough to play in and then it melts away.  This year, the days are sunny and COLD or rainy and cool.

We talk a lot about the weather.  The kids love watching the temperature and watching the clouds.  They also LOVE the weather bug app on my phone to see what the weather is other parts of the world.  Of course being a homeschooling mama, I got thinking about ways to monitor the weather.  Saxon math uses charts and other programs use graphs.  These didn’t seem fun so I went to pinterest and found my answer-weather trees!  They are beautiful.  The kids agreed so I went to work designing my own weather tree.  We started a couple of weeks late for January, but that is ok.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out! If you would like a copy of the weather tree that I drew, you can download it from Teachers Pay Teachers for free!

weather tree

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