My 2014 Goals

January is going by way too fast for me!  I am just now sitting down to reflect on 2013 and to think about 2014.  I know many people post their plans for the year during the first week of January.  Obviously, I didn’t meet that deadline.  I am here now and that is all that matters.  Right?  So what are my plans?

1. Bring the family together through cleaning.  Don’t laugh-yet.  I spent some time reading through blogs and speaking to many families over the past few months and I realized-my kids are crazy spoiled when it comes to housework.  Of course, I am the one that made them that way so it is up to me to change it.  I recently found Motivated Moms.  Motivated Moms is an amazing system to plan out your cleaning schedule and chores.  They have an app and an e book. ( Here is a sample.) I am a paper girl and I want my family to see the chores.  I have only used it for a week, but so far it is awesome.  Each chore is broken down.  For instance, last week and this week we will be cleaning out the refrigerator.  The chores are simple and not a big deal.  The kids are easily able to pick one chore and do it each day,

2. Get outside and active daily.  Homeschooling has drastically decreased my stress but I am still needing something to reduce stress.  Nature/being outdoors is my fix (of course, sunshine is a big need and we have not seen much of the beautiful sun around NC lately).  I found that last year, I did not get outside as much.  When the kids were done with school, I would work on cleaning and getting dinner ready.  Over the past two weeks, I am focusing on getting outdoors and walking, hiking, running, biking or something active.  I won a copy of the Mountain Mermaid’s Daily Musings Book to journal my activities in.  I am loving it.  Journaling holds me accountable for my activity.


3. Eat more whole foods.  Last year I started purchasing more and more premade items out of convenience.  I am all about convenience, but I just need to rethink it.  I started with snacks.  My kids love granola bars and protein bars.  They sneak them all the time like they are candy.  The past two weeks, I purchased trail mix packs from Trader Joe’s with almonds, cashew, and chocolate chips.  They are a hit with everyone.  I found another trail mix pack this week with cranberries, almonds, and granola bites and white chocolate chips.  They are awesome too.  Of course, fruit and veggies are also an option.  A few new items are being added to the menu such as using spaghetti squash instead of pasta and keeping salad in the fridge for easy meals.  I will work on updating the recipe portion of my site soon!

So this is where I am going to start.  We are only three weeks into the new year, and so far all is going well.  The kids are working hard in their school work.  Everyone is helping out around the house-although some days there is still whining but for the most part, they don’t mind.  We hiked at Latta Plantation twice, played at the White Water Center, mountain biked at Fisher Farms and are planning to ski next week.  My plans are now out there-so hold me accountable!

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