My Selfish Christmas Confession

I love Christmas.  Yes, I know lots of people do.  I have a confession though-I love Christmas because I love the opening of gifts.  We are not a big gift-giving family.  We do not do big birthday gifts or big birthday parties with lots of gifts.  We do, however, always say that we are not going to have a big Christmas.  However, in the end, we always end up having a “big” Christmas.  The gifts are not always large or expensive and we do not make sure we spend the same amount on each kiddo.  We do try to figure out what each kiddo really will like and will appreciate throughout the year or longer.  The result is expressions like this:

I selfishly love these moments and will cherish these memories forever.  It isn’t actually about the presents.  I love seeing pure enjoyment, excitement and surprise in the eyes of my family.  So far, this is high on my list of favorites of being a daughter, wife, sister, mom and friend.  I will continue to selfishly cherish these moments for as long as I am able.

I hope you and your family found some magic in your holiday as well!

2 thoughts on “My Selfish Christmas Confession

  1. I could have written this post. We don’t do the big birthday parties with lots of gifts. Valentines Day and anniversaries are huge events in our home either. Christmas though is a big, big day and like you, I love the opening of the gifts. To see the excitement and pure joy as someone opens a gift to discover something they’ve wanted or something they didn’t expect is what makes Christmas magical.

    Thanks for sharing your magical Christmas!


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