Emotions running high

As I look back at last week’s post, all I can do laugh.  The holiday season did start off nice, slow and with very little stress.  Then, this week came!  Sims attended his retreat to complete his Outdoor Leadership class.  The class went up to the NC mountains to Swan Cabin.  When I initially heard about the trip, I thought that it sounded like fun.  However the more I heard about it, mama bear came out.  No telephone or cell phone connection?  No direct access?  Hmmm….maybe when he is older is all I could think about.  Obviously, I had to get over that because he was elated to go on the trip.  Of course, everything went well and he had a blast.  For the mama bear, it was a LONG weekend.

I didn’t get to mull over my thoughts too long though.  We were watching a friend’s dog and her pup this weekend as well.  Saturday, we nursed the mama and her pup through the night.  The mama’s milk didn’t come in until late Sunday evening so we were supplementing every two hours.  Watching the mama and her pup was a fantastic experience for all of us.  Unfortunately, the pup was born early and was found to be failure to thrive and passed away on Monday evening.  Mama pup grieved for her pup throughout the night and the next day.

By Wednesday, all of us were emotionally spent and exhausted.  We spent the week doing a lot of reading and some extra projects in science and history.  We have had lots of discussions and have focused on the importance of living in the moment.  Hopefully, next week will prove to be uneventful and back to the calm that I was trying to maintain through the holidays.


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