A Slow Beginning to the Holiday Season

I have been MIA in the blog world for a while.  Sometimes it is nice to take a break.  Thanksgiving week, our family headed down to Tugaloo Georgia State Park for some much-needed relaxation.  My brother-in-law set up the trip and I will forever be grateful to him for it.  I was a little concerned initially at how I was going to feed my kids for a week away from civilization.  I cooked and froze food the week prior to going and was a nervous wreck.  Everything worked out perfectly.  (Of course, I completely over-reacted with how far away from civilization we would be.  There was a town 15 minutes away.)  I must admit that trips, as much as I love them, stress me out due to our food preferences.  I would love to throw the gluten-free part away for the short time, but I also know that the trip would not be fun due to the consequences of the gluten in our systems.

Once I had the food plan settled, I felt much better.  We stayed in the cottages in the state park.  The view in front of the cabin was beautiful with a small pier, woods and the lake.  Deer galloped and fed all around us.  We didn’t get to see too many other animals but we followed the tracks of possums, rabbits and raccoons in the mud on the beach.  The kids made forts all week-long.  Imaginations soared.  One day they were all Native Americans living off the land.  The next day, they were the characters from Robinhood (at least I think they were, as they named my father-in-law Friar Tuck).  They had battles and discoveries.  They experienced freedom that they do not get in town.  They learned how to play card games.  They taught others how to make bracelets.

The adults also got time to hang out and relax.  We played poker.  We curled up and watched movies.  We played on the slack line, laid in the hammock and watched the lake.  I listened to the kids run and play.  No internet. No deadlines.  No stress.  A vacation that we needed without knowing how much we needed it until we got there and a terrific way to begin the holiday season.

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