“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Jim Rohn

Every year (at least for the past three years and we hope to keep up the new tradition), our family attends the LEAF festival in Black Mountain, NC.  The LEAF festival is a family friendly, art and music festival. The short four-day camp out always leads to fun times.  The festival has several different areas, including a terrific kids area.  The children took a lessons on aerial dance, magic, hula-hooping, rocket making/launching, airplane making and I am sure there are a few things they picked up that I am not aware of.

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Every year in the kids area, there is a children’s market place where children may sell items that they have made themselves.  My kids love this area and always say that they are going to sell something.  Well, this year that actually happened!  They came up with a plan to sell bows and arrows.  They went to a party this summer and learned how to make the bows.  We went to Lowe’s and started shopping.  The plan started getting expensive, so they altered it a touch.  Originally, they planned to make large, 44 inch bows; however, after pricing the material out, they came up with a plan to make smaller bows.

IMG_2486 IMG_2487

They managed the budget very well.  I gave them a loan to purchase the materials.  They returned some unused items and kept track of the money that they owed me.  Next, they went to work.  Making bows required measuring, cutting with a hacksaw, cutting with pipe cutters and a lot of pure strength to actually string the bow.  Originally, they thought making the bows was going to be the toughest part of the job.  They had no idea about the selling part!

In all they made 30 small bows and 4 large bows.  They had to pay $4/child/day to sell in the market.  They started to get nervous as they saw their profit decrease.  They spent about 3 hours on Saturday selling the bows.  To sell, the kids had to stay in their area and actually market their product.  It was fun to watch.  Sawyer was quite the salesman.  Sims was totally out of his comfort zone and Parks was along for the ride.  They did a terrific job and sold all but 10.  Sawyer and Parks decided to go back on Sunday to sell the rest.  It only took them an hour to close out their merchandise.

They came home very excited about their endeavor.  Overall, they each made a little bit.  They were able to pay me back my loan.  And they donated $60 to the local animal shelter.  We went Monday morning to donate the money.  They were very excited to share their story with the employees and volunteers at the shelter.


Of course, we also ended up coming home with another pet to add to our zoo!

5 thoughts on ““Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Jim Rohn

    • Thank you. The festival is really amazing and magical (if you don’t mind camping and roughing it for a few days). I was very proud of the kids and how well they did. I did not have to do much at all. They worked together well and did a terrific job.
      As far as the snake-that was AMAZING! We watched him swim along the edge of the lake, catch a fish under a rock and partake in his catch. It was the craziest snake experience I have ever watched!


  1. How neat!! I love that they were able to budget and everything. I would have LOVED doing that as a kid! I bet the animal shelter was pleased. 🙂
    Hey, I wonder if you could tell me – how do you make a slideshow of images like that?


    • I would have loved it as a kid too. I am not sure which the animal shelter was more pleased with the donation or the fact that we took the rabbit (they don’t keep rabbits at our little shelter).
      Picture gallery. When you add media to your blog, click on the picture gallery feature. After you add pictures, it will ask if you want thumbnails, etc,-it is a pulldown. On the pulldown, you click photo gallery. I hope that helps!


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