October Awareness

Have you noticed how busy October is?


Many causes use October as their designated month of awareness.  Of course, all months may be this way; however, most of the causes celebrated in October are near and dear to my heart.

Last week, I posted on National Dyslexia Month.  Obviously, dyslexia was one of the initial reasons we started homeschooling and I hope having a month or a week dedicated to it will help the many children who are struggling and feel beaten by the system.  Maybe having a designated time will bring awareness to a teacher who has a child who needs a different way of teaching.

Yesterday was the last day of Fire Prevention Awareness Week.  Why is this near and dear to my heart?  Well, since Sims was a wee little guy, he has planned to be a fire fighter.  Throughout his first years of life, we visited the fire station daily, weekly or at a minimum, monthly.  His fascination with fire fighting has not lessened with time as most young children’s does.  In fact, his fascination has increased and expanded.  He researches different types of fires and outdoor emergencies.

Our community is definitely lucky to have such wonderful public service men and women serving our community.  They are wonderful educators as well.  Take time to educate your children and family on your emergency plans and to thank those who serve your community.  You never know when you will need them!

Parks checking out the truck Cornelius Lemley Fire Station 2 P1020576 P1020536 Learning how to use the fire extinguisher Checking out one of the ladder trucks P1070583 Aiming the fire hose

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