Learning in the Moment..Continued

The summer of rain continued this week. We are going a little stir crazy. In fact, I was trying to figure out something fun to do on Friday when I got a call from our favorite nature center – Latta Plantation Nature Preserve. If you keep up with the blog then you will remember about 8 weeks ago, Parks found sick turtle by the ornamental pond in the back of the nature center. If you do not keep up with the blog, then you can find the information here. Well, the manager of the nature center called to inform us that the turtle was back at the nature center and ready to return to her natural habitat. Amazing-I can not say enough about the staff at this nature preserve. The manager called to ask if Parks wanted to release the turtle with the staff.

So we awoke this morning and headed out to Latta for a short hike. They decided to let her go by a creek on the Hill trail (one of the kids’ favorite spots also). Parks and Sims took turns carrying her down the trail. Parks found a “perfect” spot to release her back into the nature preserve. We watched as she slowly came out of her shell and observed her new environment. It took her quite a while to decide if this was a good spot. When she made her decision that the area was ok, she made her way to nice protected spot under some roots.

Meanwhile, we had a long discussion on why we could not keep the turtle. Parks thought that we could giver her a good home at our house or that the nature center would make a good home for her also. We took a moment to get quiet, observe and listen to the forest. We heard the bubbling of the creek, the buzzing of the insects and the cawing/tweeting of birds. Then we compared the peaceful environment that the turtle was accustomed to living in to the loud, busy and crazy environment of our house. We discussed how the turtle was “old” and used to the slow, peaceful pace of the woods. The house would be too noisy and stressful for her. Thus, the decision was made and we walked away from the turtle.

(Of course, Parks was trying very hard to convince the staff member who went with us to release the turtle to place a gps tracking device on the turtle and turn the turtle into a geocache for the park.)

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