The Cure for Boredom is Curiosity…

There is no Cure for Curiosity. Dorothy Parker

I think they are finally figuring out how to be bored.  Is that good you may ask?  For me-ABSOLUTELY!

I have three kids who are constantly on the go.  From the time they wake up, they want to talk and talk and talk and talk.  They also want to know what the plan is for the day.  To save my sanity (I thought anyway), I always made a plan.  Daily, we would go for walk, hit the park, go for a bike ride, go for a swim, or something-very active.

My husband and I were speaking the other day about our childhoods.  His was spent playing outdoors and with his brothers.  Mine was spent playing outdoors with friends in the neighborhood or figuring out what to play at my family’s lake property (this was our weekend activity.  My parents worked on the lake house which was being built, while my brother and I wandered through the woods and around the property).  I can remember being bored out of my mind on the sailboat on our early morning sails.  Of course, I also brought stuff with me on the boat to keep myself occupied or as my folks would probably tell you, I napped.

So why can’t my kids figure this being bored thing out?  Well, they can.  It was me that needed the figuring out how to be bored.  We have been home for two weeks from vacation.  The first week was a madhouse of activities.  This week we were able to relax a bit.  The kids were bored-terribly bored at first.  However, by the end of the week-they were asking to go home to play legos and read.  YES!  We have finally figured it out!  At least for a short while.   We’ll see how long it lasts.

We do not officially school during the summer, but we are working on a few things such as history.  In their hours of boredom, they are making secret codes in hieroglyphics.  They are looking through books on the stone age and Egyptian history.  Parks built the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers in the sand.   Who knew boredom could be so educational?  OK-Maybe a lot of you.

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