April Block-Part 3

As Sims studied human anatomy and Sawyer studied the Anansi tales, Parks was working hard on Apples, a Life of Fred Book. In Parks’ Waldorf curriculum, he was supposed to have another math block. Well, he finished his Singapore math books and I was not quite ready for him to move onto first grade math. I went another route-Life of Fred! Life of Fred is a math curriculum that is not graded and can read over and over again.
Parks started with Apples-the first book of Fred. Life of Fred covers many topics, but the main idea is to show how we use math in everyday life. Apples has reinforced many of the ideas that we have already covered this year; including time, the calendar, addition, subtraction, skip counting, shapes, and money. Apples has also stirred up a lot of discussion and some new topics such as negative numbers, deciduous versus evergreen trees, items in a set, carnivores versus herbivores and omnivores, and true versus not true.
Each chapter is fairly short but with a fun concept to review. At the end of each chapter is a few questions that get the kids thinking. Parks and I did most of the problems aloud but then he would draw in his lesson book a picture to remind himself of the lesson.
Along with Life of Fred, Parks started cursive this month. He is really liking cursive!

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