April-Part 2

Sims’ block for the month of April was on human anatomy.  Anatomy is one of my favorite subjects!  I was very excited about this block.  I think of anatomy as the systems of the body and how they work together.  The Waldorf curriculum we are using looks at anatomy a little differently, so we combined the two methods.  Again, our curriculum gave both of us the opportunity to learn!

We started by looking at the body parts in four parts-the head, the chest, the stomach and the extremities.

We then moved to the extremities.  We discussed what we use our extremities for and the systems that are the “most important” in the extremities.  We looked at the joints, the skeleton, the muscles and how they all work together.

Next we looked at the nervous system and the brain.  We looked at brains in different animals and discussed how amazing our brains are!

From the brainstem, we moved onto the chest.  The chest contains the main organs for the respiratory and circulatory systems.  We started with the big picture of how the two systems work together.  Throughout the next week, we looked at how the systems discussed thus far work together.

The final system is the digestive system.  We connected the two systems by looking at hiccups-a common issue between the respiratory system and the digestive system.  We also looked at the difference between humans and animals that graze.

We will finish up our anatomy this week by adding organs to the large body.  We are in the last three weeks of school which we plan to look at the anatomy of some animals.  We have had lots of discussions about how different animals focus on one system whereas humans use all four of the areas.

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