Hiking the Prairie

The warm weather is finally here!  For us, that means we are back to exploring creeks and hiking.  (Yes, we did do this in the cold weather.  However, we definitely did not do as much research and exploring as we do in the spring, summer, and fall.)  This week, Sims and Sawyer headed to McDowell Nature Preserve for some geocaching, while Parks and I explored the creek and the prairie.

Latta Plantation Nature Preserve has backpacks filled with activities for the prairie, the woodlands and the lake front.  Parks and I did the prairie backpack.  He researched rocks and minerals.  He was thrilled to find out that many of the rocks that he collected on a recent hike to the Blue Ridge parkway were magnetic.  He spent quite a while watching a dragonfly eat mosquitos and chasing bugs to investigate.

Later in the week, I took Sims and Sawyer out to the prairie.  It was amazing the difference from one day to the next.  When I took Parks to the prairie, the day was bright, sunny and full of activity.  When Sims, Sawyer and I went, the prairie was overcast and calm.  We had to search for the bugs on the trees and in the tall grass.  Sawyer practiced her bird calls and Sims worked hard to catch some bugs.

Both days, the kids wanted to investigate the creek.  Parks discovered the amazing way ferns grow; while, Sims and Sawyer discovered rock erosion and animal tracks.  All the kids ended the week with the Latta plantation staff in their Muddy Boots class where they hiked yet again.

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