From a School Room to Reality

In the beginning of the year, I posted pictures of our beautiful classroom.

P1030864 P1030863 P1030865 P1030866

We stayed in the classroom for a couple of months.  Then I started noticing that school ended when they left the classroom.  Duh, huh-right?  Of course it did!  And their goal everyday was to get out of the classroom as quickly as possible.  We were desperately trying to have school at home!  We were not homeschooling.

We brought all of our books downstairs and put them in a kitchen cabinet.  Now the kids work at the kitchen table, the den couch, the sunroom floor and even outside.  The more exciting part is that they work on and off throughout the day!  Their books are available throughout the day.  Yes, occasionally they get the need to go do some math, draw a picture or work on some of their work throughout the day.  Now we are homeschooling!  Learning/teaching occurs throughout the day, every day.  Now our school looks more like the pictures below.

P1050765 P1050927 P1050928 P1050930

Homeschooling has become a part of our life.  School is not a separate entity on it own anymore.  The kids know that they must do work throughout the day.  There is much less moaning about school.  The expectation is there and there is more freedom with the work (as long as they are doing what they need to get done!) and with the day.  On this same subject, I will slowly be switching my blog from strictly homeschooling over to things going on in our life that have to do with education.  I know, it doesn’t sound like a big switch but it is change in the way I am thinking and the way I am writing the blog at this point.  I am excited about the change!  Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “From a School Room to Reality

  1. First of all, I thought your school room was really beautiful and I was coveting such a space. Our “school room” is actually the dining area right in the middle of the house. Our school messes can be seen all day from every other room and daily I long for some out-of-the-way “real school room.” But after reading this I realized the same thing would probably happen in our family under your circumstances. They’d be itching to get out of the room and be done with school. Right now it’s just like you described. School happens all day, all over the house. Thank you for giving me a new appreciation of this.


  2. Yep, homeschooling is definitely an all-over-the-house thing for us too. I used to want a school room but I don’t run a school, homeschooling is a blended thing – it’s part of us, not separate. 😀


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