The Beginning of Spring

Spring…can you believe that it is spring?  By the temperatures here in NC, I would not believe that spring is here if it weren’t for some of the beauties we have seen lately.  During our walks, everyone has noticed the daffodils out in full bloom, robins pecking at the ground, frog eggs in the pond, and the air-filled with bird songs, frog songs, and lawn mowers.

I am hoping this cold disappears rather quickly as I have spring fever…bad.  We took the kids skiing two weeks ago, twice and it snowed while we were there.  While skiing in the beautiful snow was fun and exciting, I am ready for warm weather filled with hiking and kayaking.  I am ready to move our germinated seeds outdoors and start our garden!  I am confident these days are coming soon for us (for those of you further north or west, I wish I could make it happen quicker for you).  For now, we will finish up our math block.

Sims has been thoroughly educated on fractions from making equivalent fractions and simplifying mixed numbers to using the four processes with fractions.  Sawyer has thoroughly reviewed all four math processes and Parks has worked through the hundred board, telling time and money.  We are easing into the next block over the next week with some science and lots of reading.

2 thoughts on “The Beginning of Spring

  1. We are germinating seeds in our homeschool spring science lessons, too. Like you , we are wondering about the cold and snow and when it’s going to really be spring.


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