Valentine’s as a Homeschooler

Typically my kiddos do not think much about the holidays and how theses days were celebrated while attending school.  I think that is because most holidays are family celebrations.  Valentine’s Day, however, has brought about some angst for the second year in a row.  They started talking about it in January!

While in school, the PTA hosted a huge dance the night before Valentine’s Day each year.  My kids loved this party.  Who wouldn’t?  They had cookies, juice, disco lights, fun music and all of their school friends.  It was a blast.

So this year, I tried to set up a dance party for the kids but the facility fee was too high.  We opted for an afternoon at the park.  We had thirty kiddos RSVP that were coming to the dance/park.  It was a beautiful, although cold, afternoon.  Six kids came to party (all from one family).  So a total of 9 kids-who ate enough candy for 30 and who played not stop for two hours- were there to celebrate.

I wasn’t able to recreate the Valentine’s Day dances of their past, and I am not sure why I tried.  We (as in homeschooling families) read over and over not to try to recreate the classroom in your home.  Why did I try to recreate this experience for them?  I guess even though I am comfortable in our choice to homeschool, sometimes I want my kids to experience the typical school activities.

I was disappointed in the turn out but the kids didn’t think anything of it.  They had a terrific time.  They made Valentine’s throughout the week and distributed them to friends and family.  They received Valentine’s from people who they truly appreciate and one’s that they will each treasure.

On the actual Valentine’s Day, instead of spending the day in a classroom having a Valentine’s Day party; my kids were exploring on a beach, finding deer tracks and enjoying the outdoors.  I am pretty sure they didn’t miss a thing.

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