Epiphanies for Mom

As quickly as the time feels like it is going by, moments happen that open up my eyes as to how far we have come in the past year and a half.  Weekly, I post about the achievements of the kids.  They are making great strides academically and developmentally.  This week, however, I had another epiphany.  Not only have the kids made huge gains so have I.

Last year, I starting homeschooling-or rather schooling at home.  In my mind, the day should look the same and feel the same as a school day in a traditional school.  (For those of you who know me personally, that statement should give you a chuckle.  For those of you who do not know me personally, I went to traditional school and vowed as a parent that my kiddos would not experience traditional school unless they requested it.)  Of course I think now my vision of traditional school (the school that I went to) is probably considered nontraditional!

It took me all of last year and the summer to realize that we are schooling all the time.  Are we unschoolers?  In my mind, definitely not.  To others, possibly and to even more, definitely.  Last year, I worried all the time that the kids weren’t getting everything they were “supposed to.”  Now, I know they are getting it.  Not only are they getting it but they are making connections with it.  We may not follow a specific curriculum word for word, but we definitely school everyday.  Some days the kids move through a lot of “work.”  Other days, they spend a vast majority of the day researching or reading (the kids also have daily work to ease my mind that they are covering everything in math and grammar).

I am finally at home with homeschooling.  The kids now start “school work” on their own-most days. (We all know that there are days when things aren’t so perfect-we fit nicely into that mold.)  They know what the expectations are.  I hear about the things they are studying in their play.  I watch their math come to life daily as they tell time, cook, figure out how to build things, calculate distance and all types of other fun stuff.

If you are an old hat at homechooling, then you know the feeling I have experienced.  If you are new to homeschooling, then you too will have this feeling in time.

One thought on “Epiphanies for Mom

  1. Sounds wonderful! I know what you mean about knowing what it feels like and new homeschoolers feeling it in time. I really can’t magically transfer the feeling to someone new as much as I, and they, might want to feel this way. I’m trying to think of what to compare it to…. I can’t think of a comparison. I’m glad you have arrived. 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog. I’ll try to get over more often.


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