Grammar and Math Games

A quick post with a few activities that people asked about.  For grammar, we diagram sentences.  The kids diagram in their books and sometimes we use a form.  The form we use is here:

Simple Sentence Diagraming


A few math games:

The stamp game is played with the stamp game Montessori materials but can be played with any chips to represent each unit (thousands, hundreds, tens and ones) and a deck of cards.  Each person flips a card and adds the number on the card to their previous number.  You start with zero and add up to a predetermined number.  This teaches dynamic addition.  To do dynamic subtraction, you start with a predetermined number such as 100 and subtract each card value from the previous number.  The materials help the child keep track of their number.

Stamp Game

The next two games are simple greater than/less than games using a stack of cards.  It is a form of the card game war.  One the players use the face value of the card.  The other is using the value of the card as a decimal.  The higher value wins all the cards.  The goal is to end up with the most cards.

Decimal card game

Card game

Obviously, none of these games are original or made up by me.  I have simply made the forms that we use.  Also, I have tweeked the games to fit what we are working on.

Do you have a favorite math game?



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