Say it ain’t so…

Did the summer really go by that fast?  We had a fun summer beginning with a fun beach trip, swimming in the pool and at the lake, and ending with fun with the cousins!  We made many terrific memories this summer as I am sure many of you did also! 

My summer also was filled with days of prepping for this year.  At this point I feel ready and comfortable in the inevitable-it will all change in time!  What I feel is our reality now, I know will not be our reality in the months to come.  For now, we are doing the following:

  • A Waldorf curriculum that incorporates many aspects of education
  • a mixture of math including Saxon, Montessori and math games
  • Language Lessons by Susan Wise-Bauer
  • Nature Journaling/Journal
  • Handwriting without tears
  • Geography
  • A Child’s History of the World.
  • Writing from the Institute for Excellence in Writing
  • And more as it comes. 🙂

So has it begun?  Yes, and with a bang!  We now have THREE students at Lake Norman Preparatory.  We worked hard this summer to work on the school room and to come up with a plan.  THis week we are easing into the schedule and hope to go full in next week.  We ended the school year at the beach dissecting crazy animals and that is how we have begun the school year also.  The kids found a dissecting kit in some materials we were going through.

The next thing I know-they are running to the freezer to take out a frog that they froze over the winter after finding it dead in our friend’s pool (let me state here that the frog was in my friend’s freezer and this all took place at her house-of which, I am very grateful).  They decided to go kayaking for a little while so that the frog could defrost.  Lovely.  By the time, my friend and I returned back up to the house from cleaning up out at the lakefront-the kids were into the frog.  We may have some surgeons in the making.  They found the stomach, the muscles, the intestines and many more body parts.  I am amazed at how fascinated they are by this.  I love learning about the body; however, in this situation I thought I was going to hurl.  I was very close to losing dinner.  The frozen frog was quite odoriferous as it thawed.  As wonderful as it is to see how excited the kids are with this science project, I can not express how happy I am that this is not at my house. 

So the school year has begun for the Whalen family.  We look forward to keeping you updated with our journey.  We love to hear your stories too!  Please let us know how your school year started.

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