Planning for next year

So the planning has started.  For those who homeschool, this is the curriculum I am planning on using:

1.  All About Spelling:  I have loved this for both kiddos and I think it will work well for my third also.  For those with kids with dyslexia,  AAS is an awesome program.  I took an Orton-Gillingham subscriber course and I already knew a lot of the Orton Gillingham ideas from this program.  Also-as a person with dyslexia teaching a child with dyslexia and one without, I am learning how to spell myself!  It is great to learn all of the rules to spelling.

2.  We will also add in Latin Root words, prefixes and suffixes next year to begin working on vocabulary and more spelling.

3.  First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind for Language-short simple lessons.  We started this year using the Shurley English program but we ended the year with this program.  I really like this program and the kids do too.

4.  Writing-my own program. 🙂  I am using information from my subscriber course in addition to First Writing Lessons. 

5.  Rightstart Math:  This year we used Saxon Math.  We liked it but did not love it.  The kids are used to Montessori math which I think they will find in the right start math.

6.  A Child’s History of the World for History.  This year we did American History.  Next year we will begin World History.  However, we will continue reading books to increase our historical knowledge in all areas!

7.  Science:  Not sure yet.  We take classes at Latta Plantation.  We also work in the areas that interest the children. 

8.  Reading:  So far, the only book we have planned is the Secret Garden and any American Girl Book we can get on CD.  This year we have covered Addy, Tom Sawyer, Caddie Woodlawn, Pinocchio, Kit Kittredge, The Trumpet of the Swan, and many other shorter books!

9.  Art: Picture study with art coordinating with picture studies and student activities at the Mint Museum

If you have used any of these curriculums or have any opinions-please leave a comment.  I love feedback and I learn about other programs through my contacts!

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